Camps at James Creek Ranch

A Horsemanship experience like no other

Nestled in a secluded valley at the base of the Cascades Mountain range outside Merritt, British Columbia.  James Creek Ranch is an example of Mother Nature at her finest.  Situated on 600 spectacular acres, the James Creek slowly meanders its way across the ranch.  This ranch, coupled with the Jonathan Field Horsemanship Program, offers individuals an educational horsemanship experience like no other.
James Creek Ranch Camps
Camps are the ultimate opportunity to completely immerse yourself in developing your horsemanship.  The ranch offers an open, more challenging environment where you can learn the practical application of the Field Horsemanship Program.  Your experiences and education venture far outside an arena.  The focus is highly purpose-oriented experiences for you and your horse, framed by a magnificent horizon of fenced pastures, open meadows and beautiful trails.  Jonathan Field teaches you directly at all camp experiences.  All camps are beyond Course 1 and riders must meet prerequisites to attend.

As James Creek Ranch is Jonathan and his father’s private ranch, the camps are for registered riders only and are not open to the public, allowing you an even more exclusive learning opportunity surrounded by people who share your goals.

JCR CampsRiders at the camps are invited to stay at the ranch and can bring their camper, tent, trailer or stay in the new bunkhouse!  With a shower house and fully equipped riders’ lodge on site, evenings are spent visiting with friends, hanging around the campfire, talking about horses and how your day went, and maybe even singing a cowboy song or two.  Your horse will be comfortable and at ease in one of the individual 16′ x 16′ pens.

James Creek Ranch Camps are not open to spectators.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Where is the James Creek Ranch located?

The James Creek Ranch is located 20 minutes west of Merritt, BC (three hours from Vancouver).  Directions to the ranch are sent to riders upon confirmation of participation.

What facilities are at the Ranch?

The James Creek Ranch offers riders the ability to get comfortable and feel at home during their stay.

– The Riders’ Lodge features a full kitchen (microwave, stove, oven, toaster, barbecue, dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils and two full-sized fridges for riders to keep their food in).

– The new bunkhouse has three separate rooms with a large common area and each room has 2 beds. You can book yourself into either a shared or private room in the bunkhouse (based on availability).

– Trailer parking is located close to the horse pens and there is electric and water hook-up available for each. Dry camping (no hook-ups) is in the same area.

– The Shower House has 4 separate bathrooms, each with a sink, toilet and shower.

– Your horse will be comfortable in one of the 16′ x 16′ pens, separated 5′ away from his/her closest neighbour.

– Forks and wheelbarrows are provided. Please bring your own water and feed buckets.

How can I attend a Camp at James Creek Ranch

All Camps at James Creek Ranch are beyond Course 1. This means that you must have successfully completed Course 1 (either at a Course 1 Clinic or Course 1 Video Assessment), and have attended at least one Course 2 clinic with the horse you are bringing to the ranch.  Horses must be 3 years old or older and be solid riding horses.  Stallions are not permitted. As individual situations can vary, please contact us for any concerns.

Telephone/Cellular/Internet at the Ranch

There is no telephone, cellular or internet service at the ranch.

In case of an emergency, there is a phone in the family home but this is not available for use otherwise.

Cellular service can be reached about a ten minute drive down the mountain from the ranch.

During trail rides, Jonathan keeps a wireless CB radio with him in case of an emergency.

Can I bring an extra horse to the ranch?

Yes – we do have some extra pens for additional horses. We don’t have enough for all riders to bring an extra horse, though, so please confirm your needs with us at time of booking so we can reserve for you.

Can I bring a friend to my Camp?

Camps are not open to spectators. You are welcome to bring a spouse or, if you’re under 19, a guardian to the ranch. This person may or may not observe the lessons that are held close to the lodge, but will have to remain behind when riders go to the trails everyday. He/she will not be permitted to ride at the ranch at any time.

As there is no cellular service at the ranch, we also ask that they not venture far from base camp either on foot, bicycle, quad, dirt-bike, etc. alone at any time – there are several sighting of bears and cougars around the ranch every year and we can’t guarantee their safety. Should they wish to hike, quad, etc while you are riding, there are numerous provincial areas within driving distance to the ranch that they can visit.

Horse Requirements and Care

Before you bring your horse to the ranch, please ensure you have a Coggins test done. We will need to see this before or upon your arrival at the ranch.

The following vaccinations are for YOUR HORSE’s protection and are highly recommended by Jonathan Field Company Ltd.
– Rhinopneumonitis/Influenza
– Nasal Strangles (Fort Dodge) Pinnacle
– West Nile

However, since the Province of British Columbia does not require these vaccines for entry into the province, Jonathan Field Company Ltd. will waive the requirement for Camp Participants, provided an additional release and indemnification is properly executed (this will be provided with Rider packages).

Due to the rocky terrain on the trails, shoes are highly recommended. If you choose not to shoe your horse, boots will be required.

Bring bug spray for both your horse and yourself!

There are veterinary offices and farriers around the Merritt area should these services be required during your stay.

Photos and Recording

Any photos that you take during your stay at the ranch are for your personal use only, and are not to be posted or published in any way without prior written consent of all subjects in the photo. The James Creek Ranch is a private property so any photographs taken there do not count as Public Domain.

Absolutely no audio or video recording of any kind is permitted at the James Creek Ranch. Should a guest/rider be seen recording, they will be asked to stop and put their device away. Should we need to ask again, that person will be asked to leave the premises. No refunds will be given in this instance.

Meal Plans at the Ranch & Potluck

In the past, we have had the opportunity to offer riders the option of paying extra to have dinners provided during their stay at the Ranch. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer this as an option.

On the Friday evening of each camp, we will have a Potluck at the lodge. All riders are invited to bring a dish and join.

Otherwise, plan to bring your own food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food can be kept and prepared in the Lodge.

What Equipment should I bring?

For all Camps at James Creek Ranch, please bring the following:

– Rope Halter
– 12′ Lead
– Horseman’s Stick (or equivalent)
– 6′ Horseman’s String (or equivalent)
– Saddle
– Saddle Pad
– Bridle and/or Rope Hackamore
– Riding Helmets are recommended for all but are mandatory for riders under 18.

Add an additional 6′ Horseman’s String, an additional Horseman’s Stick and a 45′ Line for Camp 3 and Purpose Camp

What else should I bring to the Ranch?

Here’s a list of items that you may find helpful to have with you at the ranch:

– Notepad and Pen
– Bicycle (for treks to the Shower House)
– Insect Repellant
– Hat
– Sunglasses
– Rain Gear
– Blanket/s and Pillow (if you’re staying in the Bunkhouse)
– Comfy lawn chair
– Sunscreen
– Towels
– Toiletries

Are Lease Horses Available?

We don’t currently have a lease horse available at the Ranch. This does vary, though, so please contact us for confirmation.

What if I sign up for a Camp and have to cancel?

CAMP DEPOSIT: A $500.00/camp deposit is required. The Camp Deposit (once accepted) guarantees your spot in the Camp. CAMP DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-CREDITABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS
CAMP BALANCE: Camp Balance payments are due 90 Days before the first day of your camp. This includes any amount owing for stabling/accommodations. If paying your camp deposit by cheque, please include a credit card number OR include a post-dated cheque for your balance payment. CAMP BALANCES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NONTRANSFERRABLE,
Cancellation within 90 days of camp: the $500 deposit is forfeited – NO EXCEPTIONS. The remaining amount will be applied to a credit. Credits are valid for one calendar year and can be used for Jonathan Field Horsemanship DVDs or equipment. Credits can also be applied to another clinic or camp if space allows.

How many riders are in each camp?

Camps are limited to 16 riders each. In keeping the groups at this size, Jonathan is able to ensure that he can spend some one-on-one time with each rider during their stay.

Will I learn directly from Jonathan during the Camp?

Yes – all day, every day! There are no Jonathan Field Horsemanship instructors other than Jonathan himself, so your time at James Creek Ranch (and at all Clinics), is spent learning from him. If Jonathan has an assistant working and travelling with him, he may ask this person to step in and assist a student in a specific task, but this is only done under Jonathan’s direction and guidance.

Just got in from another satisfying session with a couple of our young horses. I wanted to let you know that if it was not for your wise mentoring and some of the gems of wisdom I was able to absorb at the James Creek Ranch Camp, I’d have been pretty frustrated with both of them, and they probably would be with me. I’ve started colts for a living for a lot of years and if I’d known then what I’ve learned from you recently, I know I could have done a much better job for most of them… Since the James Creek experience, riding young horses has really been fun and now I think I understand what it means to really be Inspired by Horses.

Hugh McLennanPinantan, BC

It was two years ago that I was introduced to this program and dreamed that I would one day come to the James Creek Ranch and ride in Course 4. Having been there I can say that it was more than I ever dreamed and beyond my wildest expectations! Thanks for Jonathan and his team for making this perfect on every level – the place, the horsemanship, the people… I am going home fulfilled with more skills, and looking forward to coming back and doing more and continuing with my horsemanship.

Sue MohrCreston, BC

A Course 1 clinic is the first step to being bitten by the ‘JF Bug’. To take a Jonathan Field 5-Day came is an experience that will never leave you. However, be prepared to become addicted to the point where you are transformed into a ‘JF Groupie’. I am truly one of those! From the minute you arrive, your days are full of ‘do-overs’ and ‘aha moments’ – more of the ‘do-overs’, though. By the third day it is perfectly clear that you need to go back to day one and start all over again as it is somewhat overwhelming. But, by the fourth day, there seems to be some clarity and all is not lost! Fortunately, the horses are very forgiving in the learning process and they already know what to do; it is us that need to get it. Many new friendships were made and many memories to cherish. From our very lively and entertaining evening meals to our unmounted cantering lesson it was a memorable experience.

Carmen HeinenCalgary, Alberta

My weeks spent at the spiritual and inspirational James Creek Ranch offered me the soul searching and positive energy time in a naturally balanced environment to reconnect with nature and all its glory in this glorious mountain setting. Couple that with the awareness that the Field family and friends shared their personal ‘piece of heaven’ with the clinic participants enhanced the experience. The lack of phone, television and radio only added to the allure and true harmony of this truly serene location. This clinic in all aspects was indeed a gift from God for my horses and me.

Jim RislerErskine, Alberta